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The Art of Passage:
Transnational Encounters and the Convergence of Cultures

Concepts such as influence, originality, hybridity, and authenticity have long come to shape our perception and understanding of art history. While much of the discipline was shaped by the search for specific identities, typologies, or styles, artistic transformations brought about by intercultural exchanges and transnational interactions in diverse parts of the world throughout the history of art, have forced us to reassess seemingly fixed borders and to reconsider the mobility of art history.

Considering the expansive definition of “passage,” the proceedings of the 5th Annual Wollesen Memorial Graduate Symposium hope to contribute to the increasingly robust scholarship that seeks to rehabilitate, reveal, and interrogate the formative role that intercultural encounters have had on the history of art.




Front Matter

Transnational Transitions: Rufino Tamayo and the Cultural Politics of the Mexican Couple
Francesca Ferrari, New York University

Rituals of Belonging: Negotiating Identity through Photography
Bruno Sinder, University of Western Ontario

The Same but not Quite: An Exploration of the Mythology and Mimicry of the
Bermudian Gombey Costume
Stephanie Gibson, University of Pennsylvania